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Interesting Patterns for you to knit or crochet

Carpette Bag

I was working on a reticule shaped bag when my teenager joked that it looked like an old fashioned fish bowl - so I should knit a fish onto it. Further punning at the dinner table named the bag. Despite it’s origin as a joke, I think it manages some dignity.

The drawstring bag is worked in the round with circles increasing from a provisionally cast on tab. It finishes with a fluted garter edging and double eyelets for the drawstrings, which can be i-cords, or ribbons. The fish itself uses twist stitches, knits and purls, and a few cables. The frame of the “fishbowl” is finished with extended loop cable stitches, and a ring cable using the multiple slipped stitch decrease to give the illusion that the cables are connected.