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Half Moon Mitt Crochet $6.50

The mitts are designed to be worn with negative ease (they look silly until you wear them, actually.) The medium mitt fit my 7.5” palm circumference hand, to my surprise, my husband could also wear hem, and his hand is 8.25”. I’ve suggested the size range, but take your preferences for snugness into consideration

The Half Moon Mitts are crocheted sideways in back loop sc for a stretchy rib, with a curly edging at wrist and palm.

The Half Moon Mitts begin with the thumb in short rows. The thumb is worked from one side to the other. The increases and decreases at one edge form diagonals, while the other side’s row ends form the top of the thumb opening. The thumb is finished with sc all around it. Then it is seamed up the short side. The hand is added to the diagonal of the thumb. While the mitt is flat the Half Moon Trim is added to the wrist end. Then the side seam is slipped stitched up through the thumb. Finally the Half Moon Trim is added to the palm in the round. The whole mitt is joined as you go so there are only the beg and ending yarn ends to darn in, and no little pieces to loose themselves in your workbag. Since the mitts stop before the fingers, there is no need to offset the thumb, so the left and right are identical. Ch 2 turning chain does not count as a stitch.