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Half Moon Mitt Knitted $6.50

The mitts are designed to be worn with negative ease (they look silly until you wear them, actually.) The medium mitt fit my 7.5” palm circumference hand, to my surprise, my husband could also wear them, and his hand is 8.25”. I’ve suggested the size range, but take your references for snugness into consideration.

The Half Moon Mitts begin at the wrist with a loop and half moon pattern that uses elongated stitches, castons, and large decreases, then it settles down for a peaceful 1/1 rib until the thumb. The thumb stitches are set aside on a holder while the palm is finished with half moons, worked in the opposite direction from the cast on. Then the thumb stitches are picked up for a few rounds and cast off.

We begin by casting on a large number of stitches to go around those half moon loops. We will also be using lots of elongated stitches: you will wrap the needle three times, but treat all those yarn overs as one stitch. This is what makes them so tall. It will be weird, but fun!