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Library Window Watchcap $5.00

As a homeschooler, I use the library heavily, but sometimes the city needs to cut budgets. So with both love and self interest, I wrote this charity pattern for my library, and celebrated the pretty windows on the brim of the watch cap. I will donate $4.50 to the Friends of the Attleboro Public Library for every purchase.

I knew that this cap was functional when my husband the engineer started arguing with our son over who is going to keep the sample after the photos are taken.

The Library Window Watchcap is worked in the round from the top down in post stich ribbing to grip the head on fast sledding runs. The direction of work switches at the post stitch cable brim so that it will flip up and be visible, not to mention keep the ears warm. But if you prefer a simpler cap, the straight section can be extended for another 8 to 10 rows for a plain watchcap.

Pattern written for 19”, with changes in parentheses for (21, 23, 25)”. When one stitch count is given, it applies to all sizes.

There are two crowed rows in the decorative brim. A round of rev sc is worked in the front loops, then the next row is worked partly in the back loops, and partly wrapped around some of the rev sc posts. It is a tight fit to wrap around a rev sc, they don’t exactly have posts. It may help to think of them as spaces rather than posts, and to use a smaller hook, or one with a pointy head for that row

Thanks to Lindsey Stephens for her quick, encouraging and kind tech editing, even in the middle of a big holiday.